About Me

Welcome, Homo sapiens.

The title I have been assigned while staying on this planet is Sahra. I explore the worlds of the past, present, future, and intangible through what is known as the ‘written word.’ Though in the current society I reside in, this ‘written word’ has been divided into ‘fiction’ and ‘nonfiction’, and then further subdivided into categories based on age, gender, era, language of communication, genre and so on, I call it all story-telling. For I have found that humans believe there is a difference between the reality of a person’s own making and what is known as ‘true reality’. I disagree, as have many before me.

Therefore, I have made this page common ground for all people of this planet Earth. Posting will (hopefully) be every Monday/Tuesday. They will be about anything: event of the week, a poem, short fiction, book review, what I’m loving/hating on that particular Monday morning or Tuesday night. For book reviews, those are once a month. Feel free to comment below. And please point out any typos (we’re all ‘human’).

I look forward to our travels.

Read on to explore the ninth dimension.


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