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My Poetry

Holding Tears

a teardrop
never formed
in the crevice
of mine eye
asking permission
to lens my vision
spill over
betray my innermost
to read out the story
of my existence
and let those watching
see my insides naked
as they look through the layers of cloth
wrapped around my person
and see the soft pink insides
of this hardened shell of human

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And so, in this foreign world

where I am a stranger

wherever I go

I wait.

In silence and

in mourning

for the death of purpose

and the suicide of ambition.

Crying, because there was

no one left with a heart

to bury them.

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Prayer Beads

Prayer Beads

Cross-legged, she sits.

Takes a breath, she begins.

Thanks God for what she’s been given.

Honours Him with the breath she’s taking.

Bows to Him in complete submission.

Praises Him in repetition.

Lips moving in constant rhythm.

Fingers counting, every bead slips.

Like an abacus for the religious.

Her prayer, a habit.

Every chant is practiced.

The routine, her only protection.

Cross-legged, she sits.

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Graveyards and the Dead

Forever loved and unwanted.

Trapped within the confines

of their own making;

mere existence in unseen chambers.

Time passes.

Steals their name,

their face,

their shape.

And their imprint lies

far above the surface.

Permanently, as they fade.

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Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors

the life of living a lie

in a world where honesty

is a commodity

bought and sold

revealed at convenience

hidden in you and me

and is too frightening a thing

to look on

because we’re afraid to look and see

what’s there

and what’s not

and so we’re content with our

Lie of Living Life

our world

where mirrors lie

and smoke so thick

is inhaled with a hungry wish

to forget

and we hallucinate

and fabricate

and recreate

and I begin to believe that lie of me

that is on my tv screen

that is how I talk

that is how I walk

and that is what I care about

and succeed only in masking

the truth with dishonesty

two things which cannot exist


for a truth that is a lie

is a lie, nothing more

yet we believe that a lie

can give the truth

can give us what the truth isn’t

narrows our field so we can focus

and we celebrate, joyous

that our Life of Living a Lie

is somehow perversely honest

our distorted reflection

satisfies us

we are our bodies; nothing more

that figure of flesh bones

we are our words;

sounds communicated without need

but with a hungry desire

to confirm our solidity

our permanence, irreplaceablity

in this world of lies

and we forget that

a thousand lies surround one truth

each one a shadow of a shadow of the truth

as true and honest

as a lie can ever be

a reflection of our imperfections

of who we wish to be

and we are satisfied with

Living our Lie of Life

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Forever Young


Forever Young

In a Paradise

With Palaces

And Palm Trees

With the Shade

Of a Thousand Years of Travel

Forever Young

In a Place Without Time

Where there’s no worrying

About the clock striking 9

Or the 12 o’clock of Death

Because there is no End 

To this Bliss

For I am not Cinderella

Depending on my Fairy Godmother’s Gifts

Working for the Ajr

That will earn me my Carriage ride

To raise me up and higher

Farther than the eye can see

The mind can imagine

The heart can desire 

The soul can get lost in

Forever Young

Pure Joy and Happiness

Not contaminated

By the Greed of Millions

The Lust of Thousands

The Envy of the Insecure

The Wrath of the Unjust Rulers

Pure; no Fear

Of Losing It All 

To Love Lost

Life Lost

Faith Lost

No debating between what’s

Right and Wrong

Because this is the Rightest Place of them All

This is where I will be

Forever Free

Forever at Peace

Forever Me

Forever Young

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New Year’s Resolution?

This is for those days

When you feel like a total waste

A waste of air

A waste of space

This is for those days

When you sit on the coach

And stare at the wall

Wondering, if you got a chance

To redo this all,

What would you change?

And let me be clear, I don’t need

A New Year’s Resolution

To resolve to be someone different

From who I am now

Every single morning that I wake up,

One more breath I can breathe,

One more moment I can hug my mother

Hold her in my arms, rest my cheek on her head

Peck her on the forehead, give her a smile to show her

That I am grateful for her being here

Every evening, the rattle of keys on a chain

The cough, the key in the lock

Door opening, hearing a call of peace

And responding, feeling at peace

Seeing my father, my Aabo locking the door

Turning slowly, watching his eyes focus

On us.

And feeling that smile spreading before I know it

Glancing at my mother, realizing

That I am living the MY life

Living my dream

And I owe myself more than what I am giving me

Owe my Hooyo, my Aabo, 

Their sacrifice is the food on my plate

Their sweat, their tears are the water I drink

Every single day.

I cannot wait a year, too long

Too much can happen in 365 days

But if I could turn back the clock

Time-Turner and all

Then I would grab every moment

And play it again

The beautiful moments

And the ones to regret

That I know are a part of me

My Resolution of Life

Of Living

Is to do one thing, everyday

That makes life

Worth Living

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